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Pre-LA Diary

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 28, 2012

Last night Jill & I went to our favorite hookah bar, "Hookah Turka", in Bethlehem. It is such a relaxing place & I love the decor. I'm kind of jealous of all the mismatched items in that place. After the hookah we came back to my house, watched some Sex & the City episodes, and passssed out! Josh & his friends got back from at 4 AM; I was asleep and awake all night.

Today, Jill and I woke up and headed out to Ulta and Target to get some stuff for my trip; Jill needed some makeup and eyebrow wax. We then went to Rave and saw the Three Stooges with my Dad. He was obsessed with that show when we were young! My dad is so funny. He loves my new car and is always like "Wanna trade?" Haha. He washed my car all spick and span! Love him <3

After the movie we went to our favorite sushi spot "Kome". Unfortunately, I actually think we were given bad edamame because all our stomaches hurt shortly thereafter. I got home around 8:30 PM and started to pack for LA. My suitcase contains a lot of chiffon tops, handmade shorts, leggings, platform sneakers, feathers, studs, accessories, hair supplies, etc. I am so excited to head there for a couple of days.

On Monday, Hanna Beth, Keltie, and I are going to Santa Monica to attend the FABB Lucky Event, which is for fashion and beauty bloggers. It is like a conference; I know: "Why would you go somewhere for a conference about blogging?" Well, I think it is more on how you can incorporate your blog with big brands and learn about the business and what not. Last year, the Kardashian sisters gave a little speech about business. I am curious who is going to speak this year!

Well, I need to get some sleep before my flight at 5 AM!




Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 27, 2012

Todays Attire

Blouse: Forever 21

Pants: American Apparel

Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell

Earring: By Samii Ryan x Mandy Jiroux

Bracelets: Charolette Russe

Ring: Charolette Russe

SOO today should be a fun one. I have a skype meeting at 1, and I had a tattoo appointment at 5 that I have been waiting a month for, but it just got canceled. :( womp womp womppp.. 

What are you up to today?

Like my new shoes??

Samii Ryan: Shopping Haul

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 26, 2012

Hey Loves!

Check out my video on my latest shopping finds. Lots from Forever 21, Jeffrey Campbell, Charolette Russe & I even show you some Deserted shorts on camera!!

Hope you enjoy!

What is your new favorite thing for summer?



Flo + Diary Post

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 26, 2012

Todays Attire

Blouse: Salvation Army

Leggings: Forever 21

Booties: Steve Madden

Hat: Forever 21

Earring: By Samii Ryan (Pheasant Chain Clip as Earring)


Hat: Forever 21

Earring: By Samii Ryan Pheasant Chain Clip as Earring

Today I feel like I have accomplished a lot haha. I woke up pretty late actually. Woke up to like 50 emails. I got up got a shower, and headed to the Post Office to ship out a bunch of orders. I let Josh drive my car & got so nervous while he was driving idk why! Its like my new baby I wan't to keep safe haha. I am lame- yes I know!

After the Post Office I stopped by Moravian to drop something off for Jill, then we headed to Walmart so I could get carmats and a fuzzy steering wheel cover, and of course some air freshners, I got some strawberry lemonade ones. Yummm. Then we had lunch at Panera and walked over to Barnes and Noble, I was trying to find a photo of Victoria Justice that someone tweeted me, she is wearing By Samii Ryan's Teal Single Earring.

Upon looking for this magazine I found another mag that Vic is rocking By Samii Ryan! She is such a sweet girl and lovvves her feathers. In the BOP Magazine she is wearing the Brown Braided Headband from my line, which is also available in Nordstrom.

I am uploading a shopping haul so stay tuned! Lots of goodies from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe & some shorts from Deserted. I literally just opened the door to get my spice girl shoes from Jeffrey Campbell!!! I am in LOVE!!

I also set up a Skype meeting today with a girl from a production company for a series they want to cast me in, let's see how that goes!! I will keep you updated!

What are you all up to today? 

Be sure to enter my twitter contest where I am giving away a "Chain Headpeice"

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Samii Ryan


Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 25, 2012



Leggings: Forever 21

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Toms

Earring: By Samii Ryan

So if you follow me on twitter, which you should ;), I have been tweeting allll day about my annoying time at the car dealership. Needless to say it was such a pain in the butt to get this car but it all worked out with one kind man named Sean who helped close the deal! I love my new car! I am so proud of myself for buying my own car. I literally have been driving a golden tin can for the past 4 years and that car is now passed on to Jill haha.

I have so much to do since the car dealership took up like 4 hours of my day, on to orders! hehehe


Floral and Leather

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 24, 2012


Todays Attire

Shirt: Forever 21 (Chiffon Top)

Pants: Bongo Jeans

Boots: Steve Madden

Jacket: Charolette Russe

Hat: H&M

Earring: By Samii Ryan x Mandy Jiroux (

Today was beyond amazing! I woke up did some orders, finally did an OOTD haha and went to pick up my old tin can car from the shop. So on our way my Dad and I decided to stop at this dealership since I was looking for a new car. And NO Daddy is not buying me a car, I am doing this all myself, hehe kinda proud because my car is a golden tin can haha! So I decided on getting a 2012 Toyota Camry and it is black and I love it! I can't wait to drive it out of the lot tomorrow with a sense of fullfilment in myself.

After that I got a message from my cousin that one of my tutorials was on Good Morning America- like WHAT! So that was pretty dang awesome!!! Then Josh, Chris and I headed to the mall to pick up some things for my LA trip. I got a ton of accessories, and a cute black cap sleeve dress. I love it. So simple! Then I stopped into Aeropostale to check out there new gear, and I must say- I am liking what I am seeing! Can't wait to wear some of the items I got today.

What else happened today... OH a production company reached out to me to cast me for a new series. uhhhhm cool?

hmm pretty much just had a wonderful day! Loving life right now and I am so thank ful and appreciative for all of it.

See guys, hard work does pay off!

Follow your dreams & never give up. This is just the beginning for me.. Stay tuned!!



Samii Ryan on Good Morning America

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 24, 2012

Hey Guys!!

So my family send me over a link and guess what? One of my tutorial was featured on Goodmorning America.. like.. WHAT?!

Check out the whole story here & check out my hair chalking tutorial here!



Throughout the Day

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 23, 2012

What a craaaazy day I had seriously, everything that happened did, good and bad! This morning I woke up and packaged and labeled a bunch of orders. Then I came up stairs and tried to unclogg the toliet because it was giving us problems, all the sudden while I was plunging and flushing it, it like OVER flowed everywhere. The water from the top tank wouldn't stop shooting out. Atleast it was clean water haha.  The water kept coming out and I didn't know how to stop it, it flowed into the kitchen we literally had like 2 inches of water flowing in our kitchen and bathroom. I finally just turned the valve on the toliet to turn the water off, and then Josh and I were left with like a FLOOD to clean up. We took every towel we had and got up most of the water. It was so frustrating we were both screaming at each otheer. I then had to go out get a mop, pine sole, a new plunger, and a toliet snake? I don't know it is some kind of device that uncloggs toliets. So after mopping the floor Josh & I unclogged the toliet. It was QUIET a morning/afternoon. 

After the whole toliet fiasco I had to run to the post office and drop off a ton of USA orders. Then I decided to head to Ulta and stock up on some un needed makeup haha. Whenever I walk into that store I spend far to much money. That's what happens when I sit online and watch makeup tutorials all night, I have to go out and get the makeup! Then I picked up some food and headed to my Dad's to pick up my package from Forever 21.. I can't wait to do a haul for you guys, chiffon chiffon chiffon!!!

Also, today I found out pretty last minute that I am going to LA on Sunday for an awesome event! Ahhh I can't wait, it is going to be super fun. I am going with Hanna and Keltie and I can't wait to get to some warm weather! Thank goodness Hanna is letting me stay with her, because Josh is staying at home and I hate staying anywhere alone, even at my house haha!

Now I just need to find out what I should wear! I was thinking like a black dress, or like disco pants and a top.. IDK so many options!!

Oh and friday I have a long awaited tattoo appointment with Josh Bodwell! I can't wait!

Welllll- that was my chaotic, yet amazing day. Hope yours was fabulous!

P.S.. have you entered my twitter contest to win a "Chain Headpiece" ?


Samii Ryan

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 23, 2012

Head over to and get your hands on some shorts!!!!

These babies won’t last long!

Get with the flow

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 21, 2012

Todays Attire



Belt: Aeropostale

Flowy Cover-up: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Necklace: Charolette Russe

Earring: By Samii Ryan Blue Bird Earring


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