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Bamboozle - What A Day

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 19, 2012

Got to Bamboozle around 2:00 and I was supposed to do a few interviews today, but nothing worked out for the best so that kinda sucked. It got SOO damn cold tonight, I had to take off my platform sneakers because I couldn't walk in the sand with them and I threw on my toms and my leather jacket! I actually saw SO many people that I haven't seen in forever. It is so nice to see people whom you have met on Warped Tour or whom you have just known for a while, and the best part was they were all so nice & said how great I am doing & how far I am going. Seriously means the world that they continue to check in on me from now and then. I love them all haha.

Today I rocked a stellar outfit very punk/vintage look I had going on. My tights got so torn up I might not be able to wear them again haha. I had to leave Asbury at 8:20 because I have to go to Meg's graduation tomorrow at 8am!!!  Not to excited to wake up so damn early. Also I am kinda jealous of Josh because he just watched Skrillex on the beach..I mean I guess I will see him at Bonnaroo!

I will be heading back to Asbury tomorrow after Meg's graduation and I will be there ALL day Sunday, hopefully all the interviews I have scedualed work out, and I do want to see a couple bands haha.

Did any of you head to Boozle?



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Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 17, 2012

So I have come to the brutal realization that I have NO true girlfriends by me besides Jill. I wish I wasn't go quiet when I first meet people. Usually since I am quiet I come off as rude or stuck up, but I'm not either! Maybe I am just way to envious of Sex & The City and all there relationships with each other. I always wanted to have close girlfriends to just hang & talk with. Maybe I need to be more open and starting to trust people a little more.

I do have some amazing sisters, boyfriend and some fabulous girl friends in LA. Bicoastel friendships right there haha.

Tomorrow is Bamboozle, heading down early to settle into our hotel and interview my first band for Buzznet woooo!

Hope to see you there!



Closet Tour

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 16, 2012

Check out my closet tour for Seventeen Magazine!

Click HERE


Keltie Collen on The Insider wearing By Samii Ryan!!

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 15, 2012

Check out my doll Keltie Colleen wearing By Samii Ryan's "Cross Earring" on The Insider while she was interviewing Kris Allen!!

Sorry the screen shots are ridiculous haha! Check out the video HERE!!

Pick up the SAME earring HERE!


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Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 14, 2012

Todays Attire

Shirt/Dress: Salvation Army

Knee Socks: Kohls

Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell

Earring: By Samii Ryan

By Samii Ryan NEW Slideshow

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 13, 2012

Check out the new photos of Jill & I on the slideshow page of my website!


Wigs & Flea Markets

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 13, 2012

So for this mother's day I headed up to the Poconos with Jill and we went to 2 flea markets with my mom and sisters. It was a lot of fun, to say the least I found a new persona haha. If you know me, I love wigs and extensions and any way that I can change up my hair! So at this one flea market in Stroudsburg I bought this crazy Carrie Bradshaw wig! I had to, it is so crazy,wild and fun. I wore this around all day and even when I went out to eat with Jill at Sweet Creams.

Do you ever like to chaange up your looks with different hair/wigs?

I hope you all had an amazing mothers day!

What did you do?



Neon Blue

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 13, 2012

Todays Attire

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Salvation Army

Belt: Salvation Army

Earring: By Samii Ryan

Hat: H&M

Boots: Steve Madden

Purse: Chanel


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Candy Girl

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 11, 2012

Todays Attire

White T-Shirt: Aeropostale

Blazer: Danielle B

Jeans: Unionbay

Belt: Salvation Army

Necklace: Target

Heels: UrbanOg

Hair Clip: By Samii Ryan Beaded Hair Clip

Phone Case: Ebay

Sunglasses: Micheal Star

Purse: Vintage Chanel

This afternoon Jill & I headed down to historic Bethlehem to have some photoshoot fun. We took a TON of photos which will be in the NEXT photo gallery. I love taking photos especially in sick locations. Historic Bethlehem is literally the cutest town ever, we stopped at the library, main street, little gardens, and the rooft top of a parking garage. So much fun. 

Also, how cute is this necklace? It IS SO bold and fun and crazy I had to find a way to wear it, and I thought this outfit was the perfect fit. I have this bold fuscia blazer I picked up from the Salvation Army and the teal and turquoise fringe necklace is perfection. I usually go for some neutral colors, however I do love my brights. 

"In a world of cheerios, be a fruit loop"- Jill Franz



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A Little Blue

Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan May 10, 2012

I dyed some of my old 22inch extensions with some Manic Panic dye! I am aquamarine now! I think I am digging it though! Hehe What do you think?

Should I rock this for Bamboozle?



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